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Art Therapy

An excellent way to express things that are difficult to put into words.

Whether it is a child who perhaps doesn’t have the vocabulary to express their feelings or an adult who has experienced something traumatic or anxiety provoking or a couple that is just stuck, art therapy provides a non-verbal method for addressing problems, finding insight, managing stress and building self esteem. No, you don’t have to be an artist to benefit! You just have to be open to the experience.

Not all “art therapists” are equal! Many of those who label themselves as “art therapists” have completed a course or certificate in art therapy. This is not, however, the art therapist we have on staff. Technically, “Art therapists are trained professionals with expertise in counselling psychology and fine arts. In Canada and the United States, art therapists must have at minimum a master’s degree or a master’s level diploma in art therapy before identifying themselves within the profession.” (Canadian Art Therapy Association)

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I am a bilingual professional Art Therapist. I have always been involved with and in expressive art. My career began as a fashion designer and evolved into theatre as a costume designer.